How to Use a Guasha 101

You might have heard of the guasha, it is a Chinese beauty tool used to massage/scrape your face and body. The benefits of using a guasha are the following: it helps relieve tension in the face, promote blood circulation,  improves appearance of fine lines and dark circles, reduce puffiness and  inflammation. Sounds amazing right? If you …

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Skincare layering basics

Not many people know that there is an order in which you use your skincare. Do you start with a serum and end with a moisturizer? When should I use my sunscreen, before my moisturizer or after? Does it even matter at all what order you put your skincare on? Well it does matter! In …

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Sustainability in the skincare industry

Sustainability in the skincare industry As the awareness around sustainability has been increasing rapidly throughout the years, it is not strange that many industries are starting more sustainable practices when making their products or presenting their products. Of course, we as EGGXPERT also find importance in being more sustainable and resourceful towards our planet. But …

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